Sunday, 4 May 2014

Blog #6

Sunday  4th May 35’ 50N – 37’29W at 15.15 BST Miles left to Horta 447
Despite a steady wind and reasonable seas, the watch on duty failed to fly the spinnaker at first light. It is suspected that the wager concerning time of arrival is involved; either that or Noam was trying to land another monster fish.
Again we were escorted some miles this morning by a pod of friendly dolphins; they left us after complaining about the erratic course being steered by Michael in search of a speed record [merely hit 20.2 knots]
Hans and Alex have agreed that on arrival in the Azores they will first seek a laundry and some cold beer as well as getting back in touch with home via email and phone. Clearly lonely, thirsty and ....oh never mind.
It’s been a ship free, gale free, rain free few days. Yesterday the spinnaker went up and down like a tart’s knickers as we gybed it back and forward and finally set it ‘for the night’ until the wiser counsel of the first mate prevailed and down it came after 19 knots decided us that we would prefer to have a quiet, safe night. Looks like we’ll be doing the same tonight, probably reaching North under jib and reefed main. We congratulate one of our loyal readers who, using the co-ordinates provided, had us somewhere North-East of Israel [celebrating Independence Day – thank you Debbie – on Tuesday]. Let’s hope we’re celebrating Arrival Day.

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