Thursday, 8 May 2014

A few words from Faial

We have now been tied up to land for 36 hours. During that time:
-The European portion of the crew has made up for the 2 week alcohol withdrawal. [gross exaggeration here; modest consumption by the standards of an Oxford or TCD undergraduate]
-Hans experienced the friendliness of the local islanders when offered a [h]fair discount on a haircut (since only half his scalp has hair on it)
-We made dinner reservations for a lovely restaurant which we missed when the crew took a 14 hour power nap.
Other than that, it is all about getting ready for the second part of the journey. Preparations include cleaning, laundry, mechanics, fixing the sails, re-provisioning and of course, no boat maintenance routine would be complete without a lift to the top of the mast – this time the mission was to fix the wind gauge. This event always offers nice photo opportunities. We are working on posting a raft of photos in the next blog. Plan is to leave Faial tomorrow and cruise overnight to Sao Miguel for a little more R & R and a possible game of golf.
We are missing the open ocean already. Especially the lonely dolphin that stuck with us through a good part of the way, including nights, entertaining us with a bioluminescence show. In a way, we like to think he misses us too…

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